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Orbital Welding Services

Utilizing state of the art orbital welding equipment, we offer a wide variety of welding services. From blue-printing custom designs to manufacturing gas manifolds, INVAC Systems can help you fully customize stainless steel tubing jungles that best match your equipment. We utilize ultra high purity Swagelok fittings and are able to work with 0.25”, 0.375” and 0.5” stainless steel tubing and fittings.

Our orbital welding consistently delivers high quality welds for the stainless steel lines used in equipment across many industries including Semiconductor and Solar Cell Fabrication. We utilize an automated process where a rotating tungsten electrode produces a nearly seamless union between two metal parts by the creation of an electric arc produced by high voltage in the presence of Argon gas. The tungsten electrode is unconsumed thus leaving a very clean welded surface free of debris.

We follow clean and acurate procedures. Weld parameters are entered into our automated system which tightly controls the exact amount of power necessary for the metal junction to be welded. Argon is then applied to the junction for a perfect weld. There after,we fully test all our work with leak checking equipment to ensure our work is complete and thorough. Finally or final product is clean to meet ultra clean room requirements.

No job is too small, weather you need a single line re-done, repaired or design and manufacture a full jungle configuration, please contact us to get started. Keep in mind we also can desing, restore and repair gas panels.