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Spring Loaded Door Struts

for VTR7000 Vertical Furnaces

INVAC Systems has a solution to your intermittent Door Seal Problems!  Try our Spring Loaded Door Struts for Atmospheric and LPCVD doors for Aviza/SVG VTR7000 Vertical Furnaces.  Each door requires (2) door support strut and (1) door locating strut.

Improve your sealing capability and range of motion.  OEM Door Struts have a range of motion of 0.15" while our new improved design gives you 0.30" of door travel.

Spring Loaded Door Struts will help to eliminate cracking and splintering of quartz pedestal feet on Atmospheric VTR systems.  The spring loaded action still allows the proper sealing pressure for your Tursite seal and o-ring without over-compression that can cause premature failure and burning of the seals.

On LPCVD VTR systems, Spring Loaded Door Struts will help give an even distribution of compression of the door plate to the vacuum flange.  This will help eliminate over-compression and o-ring deformation.  Over-compression can result in "Sticking" o-rings, where the o-ring melts to the vacuum flange and door.


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New!!   Visual Indicator for Spring Loaded Door Struts

We have increased the stroke by over 50% from the factory original VTR Spring Loaded Door Struts and added a visual indicator on both sides.   No longer is it difficult to see how much your door is compressed.  Each strut can be checked to ensure proper compression.