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Spike & Profile Thermocouples

for Horizontal & Vertical Furnaces

INVAC Systems offers a variety of Spike TC and Profile TC's  for both Horizontal and Vertical Furnaces.  We work with qualified TC Fabricators to ensure the best quality and reliability.   Our products meet the specifications of the OEM equipment manufacturers.  Need to extend the leads on your Spike and Profile Thermocoupls?  Let us help you reconfigure your furnace.

Need to reverse Engineer your existing Spike or Profile Thermocouples?  Send them to us and we can measure and reproduce for you.

Want to RECLAIM the precious metals in your Spike and Profile Thermocouples?  We work with several reclaim companies to get you the best returns on your Platinum/Rhodium wires.  So dont throw away your old Spike TC's, send them to us....


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Need a Quartz or Profile TC Cart?   We can HELP.