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BTI Refurbished

Retrofits, Upgrades and Repairs

Expert equipment knowledge coupled with 25 years experience with semiconductor diffusion furnaces (BTI, THERMCO, etc) and solar manufacturing equipment gives us a unique ability to offer a variety of equipment retrofits, enhancements or repairs for your existing tool set including:

  • NEW Element Installations
  • GAS Re-confirgurations
  • New Quartzware Retrofits
  • Wafer Size Upgrades (150mm to 200mm)
  • Furnace Controller Hardware Upgrades
  • Boat Loader Upgrades
  • And many others
  • We also can modify your current furnace processes from ATM to LPCVD or vice versa including:

  • ATM Oxidation
  • POCL3
  • LPCVD Nitride
  • POLY Silicon
  • TEOS

  • Contact us to customize a retrofit for your equipment