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Quartz Paddle Alignment Kit

for Horizontal Furnaces

INVAC Systems offers a new alternative to aligning paddles on horizontal furnaces.  Our ALL quartz design allows the user to simulate a full load of production wafers (250 wafers for 150mm).  Each quartz disk is equivalent to 25 round silicon wafers.  You can adjust the position and quantities of disks used to simulate different load sizes and match your current Production Load.

We also include an alignment disk with cross-hare to show your tube center-line. There is no need to remove back plates when you can simply remove the foreline or rear injectors and view the cross-hare from the source end of the furnace. It makes paddle adjustments easier than ever without cooling down the furnace.

Included in the kit: Ten 150mm disks to simulate a 250 wafer load, One alignment disk with cross-hair, One end boat for alignment disk, and Five boats slotted to hold 2 disk each.


                 Download or print a Qtz Paddle Alignment Kit Brochure (PDF Format)

This Kit is available to simulate 150mm or 200mm wafers