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Quartz & SIC Boats, Injectors, Doors, & Tubes

for Horizontal Furnaces

INVAC Systems offers a variety of NEW and USED Quartz & SiC Boats, Quartz Injectors, and other misc quartz components.  We provide Quartz Doors and Nails for Cryco, BTI, Direction, Diamond, Semco, and Thermco Clamp Assemblies.  We also provide exhaust and gas dispersion injectors for atmospheric and reduce pressure processes.

We have over 20+ years experience in designing Quartz and SIC Tube configurations for Horizontal Furnaces.  We can convert your atmospheric tubes from straight port to ball-joint.  Upgrade your Profile TC sheaths, and simplify you maintenance.  Need to add a Quartz or SIC Liner to your LPCVD system, no problem.

We also supply NEW Persys 2-Piece External Torch Chambers and 1-Piece Chambectors.


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