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JETFIRST Series - RTP/RTA Rapid Thermal Reactor

INVAC Systems offers SPARE Parts and Technical Support for existing customers, and can quote NEW Reactors for customers wanting the most advanced state-of-the-art RTP/RTA platform on the market.

The Jipelec JETFIRST has been developed to meet the requirements of Universities and Research Laboratories. The temperature measurement control system provides accurate and repeatable thermal control across the temperature range. The lamp array, upper flange, and quartz window are mounted in a rotating top lid, giving full access to the chamber for easy loading and unloading of the wafer. Silicon Carbide coated graphite susceptors are available for processing of various small samples and III-V, II-V compounds. A spare process chamber can be provided upon request to avoid cross contamination if several processes have to be performed in the same reactor.

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Applications Include:  RTA - RTO - RTN - RTD - and more...

 Field Service - Technical Support       Spare Parts (Susceptors, Pyrometers, Lamps, Quartz)


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