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Horizontal Furnace - Vacuum End Cap Flanges

INVAC Systems will custom design each vacuum flange assembly to meet your gas, vacuum, and water requirements for your horizontal furnace.  We offer a full range of Swagelok VCR®, VCO®, Ultra-Torr®, tube, and pipe seal fitting end connections for reliable, leak-tight performance on gas injection and cooling water connections.

Each vacuum flange incorporates two o-rings and a spacer ring to increase the contact surface area on the quartz process tube.  Using a backing ring to compress, the o-rings create a solid vacuum seal that ensures leak integrity, as well as reduce stress on the process tube. Since we compress on the last two inches of the process tube, our design eliminates flanges rolling off.  Also included in each vacuum flange is a bumper o-ring to reduce quartz chipping on the ends of the tube during installation.

INVAC Systems builds vacuum flanges for single ended or open ended Quartz Process tubes,  Alumina Ceramic tubes, and SIC-Silicon Carbide tubes.  Our flanges are used on both Production and R&D Horizontal Furnaces used for Semiconductor and PV processing of wafers that range in size from 100mm to 300mm in diameter. 

Our front vacuum flanges can connect to process baratrons, multiple gas injection lines, and water cooling lines. 

Our rear vacuum flanges can either be sealed or use a removable back plate.  Multiple gas injection lines, TC ports, and various sizes of vacuum connections can be added.

Our unique internal water cooling design allows our vacuum flanges to sustain process temperatures up to 1000oC while requiring low water flows of  2-15 GPH accordingly.  We use a sealed internal water channel with multiple flow baffles to increase flow viscosity and improve the thermal heat transfer to the o-rings.  For low temperature applications, below 400oC, our vacuum flanges do not require cooling. 

All of our vacuum flanges are precision welded and then pressure tested to 120PSIG.  Upon completion, all components are electro-polished and cleaned thoroughly before shipment.


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TIPS:  Having Trouble with Door Seals? Having Trouble with Door Seals?

  Try our VLD (Vacuum Locked Door)

INVAC Systems VLD (Vacuum Locked Door) systems are widely used to prevent leaks on H2 Anneal system with burn-offs, and all LPCVD systems on horizontal furnaces to increase your process integrity by eliminating O2 leaks. We use a dual o-ring and vacuum channel layout that allows a vacuum to be pulled on the door, locking it in place.