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Horizontal Furnace 

Flange Supports

INVAC Systems offers an optional S
tainless Steel Flange Support for your Front or Back Vacuum Flange. The support comes in several different lengths.  It allows you to lock the Flange in place to the front scavenger by bolting the flange's compression ring to the furnace's collar retaining ring (modification of the furnace retaining ring required).

The By locking the Frong Flange in place, you eliminate the risk of the boatloader pulling out the Front Flange and Quartz Tube.  Even if the pressure sensor malfunctions and the loader tries to pull under vacuum, the Flange will not move!

The Support also eliminates the risk of the LP door assembly pushing the flange and tube forward, run after run.  Movement can occur over time due to boat-in sensor adjustments, over compression of bellows, and eventually lead to vacuum leaks and failure of the door seal.

CAUTION:  Never lock in place both the Front and Back Flanges at the same time.  Only one or the other should be supported to allowing expansion and movement of the quartz tube when it is heated.


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