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Horizontal Furnace - Hinged Doors

INVAC Systems offers an optional HINGED S
tainless Steel Door for your Front or Back Vacuum Flange. Our Door can hinge on the left or right hand side.  We use a rotating bolt and thumb screw to latch the door in place (for large OD flanges, we use up to 3-latches).  The hinge uses a TiCN-Coated Stainless Steel Shoulder Screw that is Friction-Resistant for smooth and particle free movement.

The HINGED Door allows for fast loading and unloading of samples and material.  Ideal for small labs and R&D Centers!

Optional ports can be added to the door for gas injection, TC's, and feedthroughs.  Even a Handle!

The door assembly and hinges are removable for easy maintenance and cleaning of the door and flange.


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TIPS: Need FAST loading front access on your Front Flange?   

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