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Horizontal Furnace - Gas Injectors

INVAC Systems has
makes Stainless Steel Gas Injectors for your Front or Back Vacuum Flange. Our injectors use a dual o-ring seal to seal on the gas port on the ID of the flange and also uses a dual o-ring to seal on to a quartz injector extension (optional).

We offer short injectors for those that want to inject gas horizontally to improve uniformity.

We offer long injectors to get to make sure your gas in injected far enough back in the process chamber to be in the heat zone.

We offer combination short injectors with quartz extension tubes that allow the gas to be injected anywhere along the length of the process chamber.


                 Download or print a Gas Injector Brochure (PDF Format) 

TIPS:  Do you have Unused ports on your Front Flange?

  Try Port Plugs

Unused ports on your Front or Rear Flange often get filled up with residue or byproducts from processes such as Silicon Nitride and Teos.  Help eliminate potential particle problems by installing Port Plugs.  Port Plugs will seal all unused holes without obstructing clearance in the process chamber.