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BTI & Thermco
Controllers and Spare Parts

We have a large inventory of NEW and REFURBISHED Controllers, Boards, and many spare parts for both BTI and Thermco Horizontal Furnaces.   Including vacuum components, valves, an other specialty hardware. 

                                       IF WE DONT HAVE IT, WE CAN FIND IT FOR YOU!

We have inventory of boards and controllers used on BTI-Bruce Technologies BDF-4, BDF-41, and BDF-200 horizontal furnaces.  

We also have inventory on OEM and second source SVG-Thermco boards and controllers for TMX5200, 9K, and 10K horizontal furnaces. 

  • BTI 7670 & 7680 Boatloader Controllers, Driver Boards, Motors, Bearings, and Eproms
  • BTI Input/Output Modules
  • BTI 7355X DDC Controllers, CIP Boards, System I/O Boards, PCA Video Boards, Micro II Boards
  • BTI 7900 Gas Controllers
  • BTI 8115 V-CVD Gas Controllers
  • BTI Intempos Temperature Controllers
  • +/-5V & 12V Power Supplies
  • Replacement Monochrome 7" CRT for 7355X DDC - NEW
  • MKS Throttle Valves & Controllers, Baratrons, and flanges
  • Persys PIB 987 Torch controllers, PET 986 Torch Assemblies, & Quartz Chambectors - NEW
  • Thermco 118090-002 Temperature Control Board Type-R
  • Thermco 122900-001 Boatloader Control Board Type-D
  • Thermco 124510-001 Gas Interface Board Hydrox
  • Thermco 118730-004 Gas Interface Board Doped Poly
  • And many more....
  • All of our controllers and parts are bench tested with working hardware and Control systems to test performance and communication. 

    Please contact us for more information and pricing.



                                 Download or print a BTI Input Module Brochure (PDF Format)


                                 Download or print a BTI Output Module Brochure (PDF Format)


                                 Download or print a BTI Intempos Module Brochure (PDF Format)