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Board and Controllers
Repair, Calibration, and Refurbishing Services

                 Having problems with a BTI or Thermco controllers?     Need a Boatloader Board Repaired? 

                                                                    LET US HELP YOU!

We can repair and test a variety of boards and controllers used on BTI-Bruce Technologies BDF-4, BDF-41, and BDF-200 horizontal furnaces.  

We also can repair and second source SVG-Thermco boards and controllers for TMX5200, 9K, and 10K horizontal furnaces. 

  • BTI 7670 Boatloader Controllers - PN# 3161491
  • BTI 7680 Boatloader Controllers - PN# 9011496
  • BTI 7680 Boatloader Driver Boards - PN# 3162261
  • BTI 7900 Gas Controller - PN# 7900715 & 7900611, & more...
  • BTI 8115 V-CVD Gas Controller - PN# 9028654
  • BTI Intempos Temperature Controller - PN# 9025470
  • and many more....

  • All of our repairs are bench tested with working hardware and Control systems to test performance and communication. 

    Please contact us for more information and pricing.