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INVAC Systems Inc.

Welcome to INVAC Systems, we specialize in custom vacuum flanges and end caps for R&D Labs, Universities, and Semiconductor and Photovoltaic Production Facilities. With over 20 years of experience, INVAC Systems is the leading supplier of vacuum flanges assemblies for both atmospheric and low pressure furnace applications.

Our product/service portfolio include new and used equipment. We aim to supply our customers with new furnace related products, including quartware and all peripheral and support equipment.  Our reputation for superior customer service and quality products at competitive prices is what your company requires and what INVAC Systems will provide.

We ARE the manufacturer, not the middle man.

Our Mission

INVAC Systems will custom design each flange assembly, door, and back plate to meet your gas, vacuum and water requirements.  We offer a full range of Swagelok, MKS, Norcal, and Conax fittings and feedthroughs for reliable, leak-tight performance.   We can connect and adapt to all NW, ISO, CF, ASA, and Ball Socket vacuum seals to maintain your vacuum integrity and adapt to your existing pumping systems.

INVAC Systems can provide your Fab with a variety of spare parts and consumables at competitive market prices. Our on-hand parts and equipment inventory can save your Fab unnecessary downtime. 

Our facility offers full orbital welding and helium leak checking services. We can design and manufacture or repair complete furnace gas panels or create custom gas lines.

Let us work together to customize a solution or unique product for your Fab. Located in Dallas Texas, INVAC Systems handles all of the sales and service for the U-S, Mexico, and Canada. We support equipment manufactured by BTI-Bruce Technologies, Thermco-SVG-Aviza, Schumacher, SEMCO, QUALIFLOW and JIPILEC.

Our History

INVAC Systems was opened in 2003 aft the closing of HD Special Products, Inc. and the retirement of its founder, Bob Higuera.   HD Special Products had been designing and retrofitting vacuum end cap flanges since 1982.  HD's client base and flange portfolio has stretched from the US to Europe, and Asia.  HD was the original suppler of vacuum end cap flanges to most all OEM's including SVG/Thermco, MRL, and Expertech.  This knowledge and client base has been passed down and complimented with stat of the art CAD expertise, extensive metals and plastic materials knowledge, quartz and silicon carbide design experience, and quality local Texas workmanship that can be unsurpassed.

Please contact us and let us provide you a turn-key solution