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Stainless Steel Vacuum End Cap Flanges

INVAC Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of vacuum end cap flanges for Quartz, SiC, or Alumina tubes for the Semiconductor, Solar, and MEM's Industries. 

We offer water cooled flanges, CDA cooled flanges, or non-cooled flanges for low temperature applications.


Our Spare Parts Division has a extensive

inventory of new and used Furnace parts:

BTI Furnace Parts

- 7355X System Controllers

- Intempos Temperature Controllers

- 7900 & 8107 Gas Controllers

- 7670 & 7680 Loader Controllers

- 7670 & 7680 Loader Rail Assemblies

- Direction & Cryco Clamp Assemblies

- Load Station Blowers & Hepa Filters

Used Mass Flow Controllers (MFC's)

- Unit/Celerity 1000, 1100, 1661

MKS Parts

- Throttle Valve Controllers

- Foreline Heaters

- Baratrons

Persys Ext Torch Systems

- PET 986 Torch Assemblies

- PET 993 Torch Assemblies

- 2-Piece & Chambector Quartz Chambers

- PIB 987G Controllers


New and Used Quartz & SiC

- SiC Paddles (2" Sqr Handle)

- 150mm SiC Boats, Baffle Boats & Baffles

- 150mm Quartz Boats & Baffle Boats

- Quartz Paddle Alignment Kits

INVAC Systems
continuously works with Labs, Universities, and large scale
Semiconductor Productions facilities to produce flanges for atmospheric
and vacuum applications to seal tubes from 50mm to 420mm.

INVAC Systems offers a full line of Semiconductor Specialty Products for Horizontal & Vertical Furnaces.  Let our Engineers design away your problems!

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